Vulnerability Assessment

What is Vulnerability Risk Assessment?

A vulnerability assessment is used to identify possible weaknesses within your system so that you can mitigate any potential threats. At Cyber Underwriters, our comprehensive vulnerability assessment process will arm you with the knowledge and awareness you need to keep your valuable IT assets safe.

When Cyber Underwriters performs a threat and vulnerability assessment, we first identify your assets, define risk values, and gather available information about your systems. Then, we use a range of vulnerability testing tools to conduct your risk and vulnerability assessment and create your report.

Security Vulnerability Assessment Offerings

Cyber Underwriters’ threat vulnerability assessment services can help you determine the effectiveness of your security. They uncover breaches, find out which assets were compromised, and what you can do to prevent future cyber-attacks. Below are some of our security vulnerability assessment offerings:


Security Program Assessment: Through a security program assessment, Cyber Underwriters evaluates your security program based on a combination of current industry standards and our expertise. Based on our findings, we make recommendations that include specific cyber-attack trends occurring within your industry. We also provide a detailed threat detection report and help you develop an action plan to improve your security effectiveness.


Compromise Assessment: A compromise assessment identifies any past or ongoing security breaches, and it assesses your risk by uncovering vulnerabilities within your security architecture. It also looks for evidence of improper usage and system securities misconfigurations. Once we perform your comprehensive analysis, Cyber Underwriters provides you with a summary of findings. Then, we recommend strategic actions you can take to strengthen your defense against future cyber-attacks.


Industrial Control Systems Health Check: During your industrial control systems health check, Cyber Underwriters evaluates how well your architecture and security program is segmented, monitored, and protected. We help your company measure your cybersecurity without invasive assessment methods like network scanning or software-based agents. Once we analyze your data, we deliver a detailed report and make recommendations on how you can strategically enhance your security based on your risks.


Mergers & Acquisition Risk Assessment: Combining businesses increases security risk. A merger & acquisitions risk assessment helps organizations evaluate various security programs, discover possible security gaps, and address any compatibility issues. Cyber Underwriters measures and analyzes risk levels for mergers & acquisitions so you can secure your transition efficiently.


Cyber Insurance Risk Assessment: A cyber insurance risk assessment provides you with an analysis of your company’s risk level based on your processes, technology, and people. It is designed to identify and classify your cyber risk for cyber insurance underwriting. In addition to delivering your risk scores, Cyber Underwriters also
provides you with recommendations to help you improve your security.


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