Virtual Security

What is Virtual Security?

Hackers target every kind of business—large, medium, as well as small-sized businesses. Therefore, you can safely assume that your organization could become a victim of cybercrime at any time. However, utilizing a virtual security operations center can help you reinforce your offensive protection from these cyber-criminals without having to maintain a security team in-house 24/7.

Through Cyber Underwriter’s virtual security operations solutions, our team monitors your system in real-time through a safe, online tool. By observing your network around-the-clock, we can alert you immediately of threats or vulnerabilities, so that you can quickly respond. Our virtual network security center also generates helpful reports so you can see your company’s security position easily.

Why is Virtual Cyber Security Important?

Cyber Underwriter’s virtual security team acts as an extension of your IT department. Virtual cybersecurity helps you identify threats that more traditional security controls cannot detect. Here are some additional reasons why utilizing a virtual security center is so important.

  • Virtual security centers are a proactive security tool that doesn’t sleep, and they can catch a breach faster than other cybersecurity measures.
  • Not all organizations can afford an in-house security operations center. Virtual security operations are a quality and cost-effective solution for small to mid-sized businesses.
  • Virtual security operations eliminate the need to have an in-house security team, but they still provide you with access to cybersecurity specialists when you need them.
  • When you have virtual cybersecurity, you enjoy a centralized console and synchronized management of your networks, devices, and applications.
  • All organizations must remain in compliance. So, in addition to monitoring your systems, virtual security also makes sure you are compliant with state and federal regulations— thus lowering your liability risk.

Protect Your Network with Cyber Underwriters’ Virtual Security Solutions

Cyber Underwriter’s expertise in virtual security solutions provides your company with flexibility, versatility, and numerous benefits.

In addition to providing around-the-clock surveillance of your networks, our team can help resolve any security issues with third-party vendors. We manage and monitor your firewall and other intrusion prevention systems. We also scan your ransomware, malware, and antivirus solutions and help you remedy them when necessary.

Additionally, when you use Cyber Underwriters’ virtual security solutions, you don’t have to worry about managing your voice, video, or email traffic management in-house. Plus, through our analyzation of your security log data, we can investigate and document security trends to help prevent future breaches.

To learn more about Cyber Underwriters’ comprehensive virtual security operations and how they can help your company, please contact us today.

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