Risk Monitoring

What is Risk Monitoring?

Risk-based monitoring is a cybersecurity approach that concentrates on reducing an organization’s exposure to data breaches and attacks. This method is a ‘proactive’ not ‘reactive’ method. For example, instead of focusing on reacting to an incident, risk monitoring involves proactively investing in testing, threat prevention, and threat intelligence to try to keep attacks from occurring in the first place.

Cyber Underwriters’ risk monitoring and control solutions focus on meaningfully reducing your risk. We use various tools and platforms to continuously monitor your systems for vulnerabilities that increase your organization’s risk exposure.

Advantages of Cyber Underwriter’s Risk-Based Monitoring Solutions

Cyber-attacks are growing in number each day, so organizations need to do what they can to protect themselves. Risk-based monitoring allows companies to apply appropriate levels of control to specific areas when needed. Here are some additional advantages of utilizing Cyber Underwriters risk-based monitoring solutions:

Helps Determine What Vulnerabilities Are High-Risk and High-Priority: A risk-based cybersecurity monitoring program helps you understand your company’s risk exposure levels and prioritize your security needs. This knowledge also helps managerial leaders decide which projects have the highest risk and need the most resources at any given time.

Saves Time and Money: When you use risk monitoring, you save a considerable amount of time and money since you use your organization’s resources wisely. You can better assess your ROI on cybersecurity projects and stop spending on systems and tools that are not returning any value. Plus, your IT team can focus their attention and time on essential issues that have a direct and immediate impact on cybersecurity.

Pinpoint What Systems Need to Be Scanned Frequently: A risk-based approach allows you to identify what parts of your network are most vulnerable. Therefore, you may want to scan these areas more frequently (even once you fix the vulnerabilities) to ensure that no additional problems appear.

Risk monitoring is an ongoing, continuous process. It helps you become aware of any problems as soon as they arise so you can take immediate action. Contact Cyber Underwriters today to find out how our risk monitoring solutions can help your company stay one step ahead of its vulnerabilities.

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