Cyber Security Solutions

There is not a “one size fits all” approach to keeping your company’s systems safe from security threats. Discover more about the full range of services and solutions Cyber Underwriters offers to help keep your company and your network protected. Let us help you create a solution using our services today, so that you won’t become a victim tomorrow.

Digital Security Tools:

Penetration Testing:

With Penetration Testing (Pen Test), we perform a simulated cyber-attack to detect and exploit any of your system’s vulnerabilities. Then, when we discover weaknesses, we try to see if it’s possible to access your data. Our ethical hackers can catch and solve potential issues before they become serious problems. This in-depth, real person testing can determine susceptibilities in your system that a manual analysis cannot easily catch.

Vulnerability Assessment:

Our goal with conducting a Vulnerability Assessment is to protect your digital networks – just like security companies do with homes. But as a security company can’t promise that a home will never experience a break-in, a Vulnerability Assessment cannot guarantee your system won’t ever be the victim of a cyber-attack.

However, a Vulnerability Assessment does examine your network systems, look for known vulnerabilities, and ensures that you have appropriate methods in place to detect intrusions. And, if a breach does occur, our forensic examiners can identify the cause to help keep it from happening again.

Social Engineering:

A Social Engineering attack can appear so innocent (like an email from someone you know). However, whether it is an email, phishing campaign, or a request for help, Social Engineering is designed to manipulate and persuade you to give up your bank information, passwords, or other confidential information. We can help you understand, prepare, and train for these attacks so that you don’t become a victim.

Password Audits:

One weak password can expose your network to internal or external attacks. Password harvesting is one of the most common network security threats out there. We use Password Audits to examine your network’s security by attempting to recover the passwords of your users’ accounts.

Code Review:

Reviewing your code periodically helps to find and correct any errors. Code Review is also useful in identifying your system’s security vulnerabilities and in detecting any malware. Plus, it is also beneficial in ensuring consistency within your overall program design and confirming your adherence to coding standards.

Breach Detection:

Breach Detection is the process of studying, collecting, and interpreting your traffic to help identify any possible security threats. It can take some time to detect a breach, so it is essential to protect your network in any way you can. We use breach identification methods (like Honey Pots) to help your valuable company information and data stay safe. Plus, we help monitor and log your activity to look for suspicious patterns or irregular actions through network analysis. And, if a data breach is detected, we can help you respond quickly and appropriately to stop the attacks from continuing.

Organizational Risk Assessment & Monitoring:

Risk Liability Score:

We determine your unique Risk Liability Score through a detailed analysis of your current systems and network. Then, through our proprietary Quantified Risk Assessment (QRA) model, we can translate your risk from technical to insurable liabilities (first and third parties). We also customize services thelp your company reduce its risks. 

Risk Monitoring:

Managing your risk is an ongoing process. Risk Monitoring includes identifying potential risks, tracking the execution of your risk management tactics, and continuously handling any new risks that develop.

Virtual Security Operations:

Virtual Security Operations allows your system’s security to be monitored in real-time through a safe online tool. It provides around-the-clock observations and alerts you immediately if it discovers threatso that you can respond quickly.

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