Code Review

What is Code Review?

A secure code analysis verifies that your application source code is safe and protected. It helps to uncover mistakes within your code and improves your applications’ overall quality.

At Cyber Underwriters, we use secure code analysis tools to identify any security flaws that might leave you open and vulnerable to cyber-attacks. In today’s competitive software market, these code review tools are a must to ensure that your applications continue to run well across multiple browsers.

Below are some indicators of poor code quality and effective code review solutions that Cyber Underwriters offers.

Poor Code Quality Indicators

The quality of your programming code is crucial. If you produce low-quality code, it may lead to security and safety risks. And if your application fails because of a security issue, the consequences could be catastrophic.

Are you worried that your applications are not performing as well as they should? Here are some telltale signs that there may be problems with the quality of your code:

  • Your applications are unreliable and crash regularly for no apparent reason.
  • You continuously must engage in substantial testing efforts to get your applications to work.
  • You are experiencing longer and longer regression cycles.
  • Your applications run slower than expected, and its usability decreases.
  • The components of your code are heavily dependent on the programmers that designed them.
  • Your applications have memory leakage with no feasible explanations.
  • Your applications have evident security holes.

Code Review Solutions Offered by Cyber Underwriter

When you utilize code review solutions throughout your application’s lifecycle, it helps to enhance performance, improve manageability, and increase security. Cyber Underwriters’ source code review approaches are as follows:

  • Assessment Planning: We meet with your code development team to fully understand your software application’s design, architecture, and functionalities. We then access your source code.
  • Source Code Scanning: Once we have access to your code, we scan your application to see if we can uncover any potential technical vulnerabilities.
  • Automated Source Code Review: In an automated source code review, we identify common vulnerabilities by using code-scanning tools.
  • Manual Source Code Review: In a manual source code view, our experts manually identify your application’s security vulnerabilities. We focus on critical areas with the highest potential of risk (like payment processing codes and authorization). This technique often can help catch issues that automated tools may miss.
  • Report Preparation: We combine the results from your automated and manual source code reviews to create a customized report that details all your code vulnerabilities. We also include recommendations on how you can fix the issues discovered.

For more information on Cyber Underwriters and our code review services, please contact us today.