Breach Detection Systems

What Are Breach Detection Systems?

A breach detection system is a combination of security measures and applications designed to detect infected devices, malware, and other threats occurring inside your network. Having a data breach detection system in place helps to keep the persistent onslaught of hackers at bay. However, you should combine this defensive approach with additional offensive measures (like internal and external honeypots) for a comprehensive strategy.

Why Aren’t Standard Detection Methods Enough?

Today’s cyber-attacks are meant to bypass your company’s standard defense measures (regardless of your size or industry). According to the Mandiant-Trends Report of 2016, it takes companies an average of 99 days to detect a breach. Whereas, once hackers breach a system, it only takes about three days for them to gain administrative access and inflict damage.

Standard breach detection methods are not enough because, on their own, they are insufficient in providing the adequate protection you need.

  • Finding indicators of breaches are only one piece of a complex puzzle. Although indicators do provide information about a specific event, they cannot tell the complete story. Additional evidence is needed to ward off against future attacks.
  • Perimeter controls (including sandboxes and firewalls) can miss attacks. Typically, they can only execute traffic objects one at a time in a siloed environment. Therefore, they can completely miss a hacker that utilizes multiple steps.
  • Although security analytics can identify irregular activities, they can’t accurately predict a cyber attacker’s behavior.
  • Security programs do not easily integrate with threat intelligence.

Why Aren’t Standard Detection Methods Enough?

Cyber Underwriters offers an array of data breach detection solutions (both on-premise and in the cloud) to identify and mitigate security risks so that your company stays safe.       

Data Risk Analytics: We use data risk analytics and machine learning to identify any suspicious activities within your network. Additionally, we help you prioritize uncovered threats so you can focus on the issues that matter most.

Data Monitoring and Protection: We monitor, detect, and stop any unauthorized data access occurring throughout your network. We also allure these potential attackers through external and internal Honey Pots.

Data Discovery and Classification: Hidden or undiscovered risks can put your data at risk since you cannot protect what you don’t know exists. Therefore, we can reveal unknown or forgotten databases, detect your database vulnerabilities, and classify your sensitive data. 

Database Vulnerability Assessments: Through our vulnerability assessments, we can provide you with a risk score, then help you remedy and mitigate your uncovered risks.

Data Masking: We protect your sensitive data from being exposed by un-identifying specific information in places it is not needed. We can also mask large volumes of your data quickly when necessary.

File Security: We put a stop to ransomware by protecting your sensitive files through deception technology and by blocking risky users. 

Keep your company and your data safe. Contact Cyber Underwriters today for more information on our comprehensive breach detection services.

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