About Us

About Us

How much digital risk are you willing to accept? This question led to the formation of Cyber Underwriters back in 2015. Working as government contractors to the intelligence community, we help companies stay safe from cyber threats and cybercrime.

Our first customers were large insurance companies that wanted to understand the risks associated with insuring financial institutions. Now, we have expanded our practice to include assessing risks for multi-nationals, government contractors, and small businesses. Additionally, we also offer forensic, penetration testing and vulnerability assessment, and due diligence services.

We are not just a “test and done” firm. Instead, Cyber Underwriters takes pride in establishing personal, successful, long-lasting relationships with our clients. With our leadership’s combined expertise in insurance, cyber assessment, and risk industries, we develop innovative and enhanced digital security protection for our customers.

To provide accurate cyber ratings for risk assessment and insurance, Cyber Underwriters consistently tests our customers’ systems and architectures. We want to make sure you are always appropriately protected and provide effective cyber security solutions. Plus, we also keep our clients informed, such as cyber attack protection, and on all the latest security threats too.

With Cyber Underwriters’ expertise and resources, we uncover potential cyber threats first so you can launch your defense quickly. Also, to stay one step ahead of security and ensure data breach protection, we work with private and public intelligence sharing forums, and attend black hat, B Sides, defcon, and other private hacker forums.

Cyber Underwriters can help you stop cyber threats in their tracks before they escalate into significant problems. Call today so we can help you understand your digital risk.

About the Team:

John Lovegrove, President

John Lovegrove, President of Cyber Underwriters Inc, has an extensive background in probability-based risk assessment. Within the cyber world, he is also the lead proponent of using the Quantified Risk Assessment (QRA) approach for digital risk assessment.

John previously worked at Booz Allen and several government agencies. At his prior places of employment, John recognized the need for a better way to conduct risk assessments. To help stop cybercrime, John advised and worked at national counter-terrorism centers building cyber security systems. He has also worked for the Director of National Intelligence as an enterprise architect. Currently, at Cyber Underwriters, John and the team of IT experts and cyber security professionals create comprehensive QRA methods to accurately determine an organization’s digital risk. Part of his role also involves following up with the client to ensure the custom solution has met their needs. John’s years of combined expertise is a great benefit here at Cyber Underwriters.

Fun fact: In his free time, John drag races his prized 67 Firebird!

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